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1902 1976

Lanskoy is at the center of the preoccupations of the Ecole de Paris. After exploring separately figuration and abstraction during the interwar period, Lanskoy explores the idea that the passage from one to the other naturally fits into his pictorial logic. "All forms and all colors exist in the world, he says, what one will only find is new relations."

He then creates a very personal abstraction: where the dissolution of the subject in color and matter combines with a non-feigned spirituality, that of the artist, orthodox of confession and fervent practitioner.

Lanskoy (1902-1976) - Rêver d’aventures, 1966, Huile sur toile 81 x 110 cm
Lanskoy (1902-1976) - Sans Titre, Circa 1945 Huile sur toile, 45 x 54 cm
Lanskoy (1902-1976) - Composition sur fond vert, 1956,  Lanskoy (1902-1976) - Composition sur fond v
Lanskoy (1902-1976) - Composition en noir et blanc, 1960 Gouache sur carton, 55 cm x 26 cm
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