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In Japan, Tsuyoshi Maekawa (1936) made history by integrating Gutai, post-war movement that redefined traditional artistic constraints, before any other, through the use of the body within the exploration of abstraction, through installation-based practices, participatory, performative or technological art.

This first exhibition of Tsuyoshi Maekawa in France enables to discover his unprecedented work of burlap, material he kept cutting, pleating, sewing, painting, since he first used the material in 1952. His search for a redefinition of the painted surface, his work on the canvas as a sculptural space place him at the heart of a vast global artistic network—including artists such as Manzoni, Buri or Fontana—which scope and complexity remain to be fully explored.

Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Untitled 150311, 2014 - 162.1x130.3cm (100F)_bd
Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Untitled 150932, 1999 - 19.5x19.5cm_bd
Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Untitled 141221, 1991 - 72.3x60.7cm (20F)_bd
Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Untitled 141249, 2014 - 42.5x33.7cm (6F)_bd
Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Work 130628, 2003 - 73x61.5cm (20F)_bd
Tsuyoshi MAEKAWA, Untitled 160112, 2015 - 73x61.5cm (20F)_bd


Come and visit the exhibition page of Tsuyoshi Maekawa Challenging Gutai

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