It can be said that Jean Messagier’s art is a unique form of pictural poetry. Thus, Alain Jouffroy calls him a “clairvoyant” in the same way as Rimbaud used to consider poets.


As a poet he celebrates nature and the way it can confront the weather through the seasons as well as through the elements. He is interested in the rhythms of man’s life in his environment too and tries his hand at various parallel explorations. So, certain series are totally abstract whereas others are definitely figurative.

Messagier (1920-1999) - La grande fracture des matins, 1992, Huile sur toile, 200 x 285 cm
Messagier (1920-1999) - Composition, 1961 Huile sur toile, 89 x 107 cm
Messagier (1920-1999) - Uniforme du gel, 1974 Gel sur papier, 104 x 75 cm
Messagier (1920-1999) - Nuagisme, 1962 Huile sur toile, 70 cm x 120 cm