Born in 1988, living and working in Paris, Laura Garcia-Karras is a graduate of La Cambre, Brussels and of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.


Heir of a long tradition of modern painters, from Picasso to Joan Mitchell, Laura Garcia-Karras explores an endless varierty of plastic possibilities. If her work originates from the field of abstraction, she keeps putting it at risk by instilling figurative juts, creating syntax confusion, playing between bi- and three-dimensionality.


Always cruelly ambiguous, Laura Garcia-Karras’ pictorial propositions redistribute the traditional oppositions around which the question of representation gravitates ; artificiality and nature, entropy and conservation, order and chaos.


In an interdependence between the precision of her cuts and the gestural impulse of some of her lines, between decorative surfaces and the accidents of matter, between the raw traces of the brush and the careful veil of illusionism, the motifs from a deteriorated or exalted world recreate the conditions of Nature. A hybrid nature in its own matter. A hybrid nature in its own reigns. A hybrid nature in the different degrees of its representation, from the most realistic to the most abstract.

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