Charchoune, Corrale Scheidt
Charchoune (1888-1975) - La course effrénée de Phébus, 1943, Huile sur carton, 25 x 27,5 cm
Charchoune (1888-1975), Composition, Huile sur toile collée sur panneau, 22 x 34 cm
Charchoune (1888-1975) Courants marins, 1948, Huile sur toile collée sur panneau, 48 x 65 cm
Charchoune (1888-1975) - Volutes et ellipses, 1943-1944, Huile sur toile collée sur panneau, 32,5 x
Charchoune (1888-1975) - Deux arbres, 1927 Huile sur toile collée sur panneau, 14 x 15cm
Charchoune (1888-1975) - La mer toujours recommencée, 1948, Huile sur panneau, 50 x 72 cm
Charchoune (1888-1975) Composition, 1927 Huile sur toile collée sur panneau, 19,5x24 cm
Charchoune (1888-1975) - Nature morte à la cuillère, 1943 Huile sur panneau, 21 cm x 27 cm


If his paintings have been exploring several Parisian artistic movements, including Cubism and Dadaism, Serge Charchoune never belonged to any school.

A young Russian arrived in France in 1912, Charchoune took part in the invention of Purism with Amédée Ozenfant around 1920, a derivative form of Cubism that seeks to keep from the world what is only essential to it.

It is this willingness to find the substance of things, his demanding effort to find visual harmonious and unadorned result, his constant chromatic researches, the spirituality that emanates from his works that make Charchoune one of the most important masters of the century.


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